Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And Now, Your Host for This Event . . . (kdc)

1. Name / Geographic Location: Kent d Curry of Florissant, Missouri

2. Church/ Pastor: New Life Pentecostal / Pastor Garry Tracy

3. Age: Neither teen nor twentysomething

4. Favorite Bible Character: Daniel – a real man with a real job and a real walk with God.

5. I’m currently reading… Too many titles without making any serious headway: Pagan Christianity (Largely overrated), The Scene Book, The Only Child and some thick magazines that mock me with their existence.

6. I last item I downloaded… escapes my foggy memory.

7. My Youth Congress History reaches back to Youth Congress No. 1 in Memphis. It was smaller, but you could tell they’d hit on a winning format, even back then. Let’s see, I tried to break up with Nita at Youth Congress in Cincinnati, but she wouldn’t let me. (That was humiliating.) We had a long, romantic conversation on a Memphis (?) hotel balcony overlooking the city. She was beautiful that night. We missed a bunch of Congresses, returned to Nashville in 2003 and can hardly wait to see how God will move this year.

8. At NAYC, you’ll most likely find me at…the Word Aflame Publications (WAP) booth. Please drop by & say hello.

9. I predict this Youth Congress will be…God-drenched, the same size as Charlotte (17,000ish), but less news worthy.

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