Friday, July 31, 2009

Myself (JWH)

Name / Geographic Location: My name is Justin Herring and I am from the Detroit Metropolitan geographic location.

Church/ Pastor: I attend Faith Apostolic Church of Troy, currently pastored by Marvin G. Walker.

Age: I am 23 years old.

Favorite Bible Character: My favorite Bible characters are Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and also Jonathan, son of King Saul of Israel and friend of David.

I’m currently reading... I am currently reading the fiction of Booth Tarkington.

I last downloaded... I last downloaded all 52 episodes of WNYC's Radio Lab.

My Youth Congress History... I have attended the past three Youth Congresses.

At NAYC, you’ll most likely find me at... At NAYC, you will most likely find me by contacting me and requesting a meeting.

I predict this Youth Congress will be... I predict this Youth Congress will be good.

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