Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Next in Line ... S.E.N.

1. Name / Geographic Location: Shohna Neumann, hailing from Lithia Springs, GA
Church/ Pastor: Atlanta West Pentecostal Church, Rev Darrell Johns
3. Age: 16 [Hey, don't let anyone look down on you because of your youth.]
4. Favorite Bible Character: Not to be picky, but there's two: Joseph [no one talks about him enough]. He had the whole package. Not only did God totally orchestrate his life the way any of us would die for God to do, but Joseph always had the right attitude. And David praised God no matter what. David was real with the Lord, like you would be with your best friend.
5. I’m currently reading… Whence Came a Prince.
6. I last downloaded… no clue.
7. My Youth Congress History . . . is unfortunately nonexistent!

8. At NAYC, you’ll most likely find me at… wherever my friends are. I'll be catching up with all us poor young people who've been separated a while!

9. I predict this Youth Congress will be… brilliant, showered with God's Presense, full of His glory and revelation.


  1. Love the brothers, but I'm glad to see at least one sister in the line-up! ;)

  2. so glad there's a female presence here! looking forward to your perspective. being 16 at youth convention (ALJC) was a favorite memory!