Friday, August 7, 2009

8: The Finale

They just completed the event by shoot $1 bills into the audience, then $25 gift cards that you would have thought were $1,000 gift cards, the way the winners squealed.

Saw some 20somethings w/earplugs in.

They're thinking they sold about 1,000 tickets which is impressive.

Some . . . kook (?) just tried to hijack the end of the event by screaming from the back balcony about tonight's service message and something else. It wasn't especially coherent, so they turned up the background music and talked him away. Funny how people w/burning messages that must be shared aren't willing to put in the hard work of planning and execution.

Hyphen reps went around with laptops getting everyone to join their new Facebook Group: Hyphen Young Adults. Go do that.

I'm told the upstairs area is maxed out w/people talking.

Good times.

And the band jams on . . .

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