Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day Session [sen]

This is not spiritual at all, but it has everything to do with youth congress. So I would just like to say that breakfast this morning was INCREDIBLE. In the wee hours of the morning, I made my way down to the first floor, looking forward at least to some humble muffins and a bowl of cereal. I was redirected by a humongous sign that proclaimed, "9th Floor, All Church Groups Listed, Breakfast Vouchers Necessary." After which followed at least a dozen or so church names. There was also a helpful woman apparently positioned for that purpose, who kindly but firmly directed me and a couple other girls back up to the 9th floor. Come to find out, breakfast was established in the hotel ballroom! I was amazed. Huge soaring ceilings, rows upon rows of round tableclothe-d tables, and an impressive array of people lined up apparently just to help me. And anyone else who wandered in. Scrambled eggs, grits [hooray for the South!], nice crispy bacon, sausage, various kinds of muffins and apples and bananas, and as many kinds of juices/milk as you can think of.

I love youth congress.

Morning session was much less ... excited, especially before service, than last night. People were a lot calmer. We more or less knew what we were supposed to do and where to go. We spent a lot less time buzzing, that's for sure. Most of the girls still had fabulous hair styles, but I saw very few "torture devices", except for a couple, like one poor thing whose wedge heels rose six inches off the ground.

So morning session lasted a long time. A long time. We were at the arena from around ten a.m. to two p.m. The "Jumpstart" was a 45-minute ... something. I don't know what to call it. They had various groups doing various things (I told you! It was indescribable). For instance, when I got there, they had people with their faces painted white acting out this amazing drama to a [song/sermon?] about healing. It was so cool. The group moved all around the stage, and it was obvious they had their act down pat.

The international Bag Ministry, as completed by Stitches, was terribly entertaining. I loved that it poked fun, ever so gently, at acts such as signing or waving glowing sticks for a song. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny at first, but they did such a good job acting out their ... act. The funniest bit was when they played Michael W. Smith's "Place in This World." The leader of the group leaped and skipped earnestly about the stage, eagerly seeking his place in the world, trailing a ribbon of Wal Mart bags behind him. And, oh, that's the catch. Instead of sticks or signing, they use Wal Mart bags.


Brother Tim Ellis proceeded thereafter to preach about David and the anointing on his life. I really enjoyed the way he incorporated three things: David's feelings of insecurity, the circumstances in his life he couldn't control, and the bad choices he had made -- all as obstacles impeding him fulfilling God's anointing on his life. He also called upon two people: a young man named Nick and a married lady named Teleesha (forgive the misspelling!). Each had one or all of the three problems that impacted their life. I really liked the teaching, though it times it was long-winded, and as you know, we are the generation of the Short Attention Span.

Then followed testimonies of what current Pentecostals around North America are accomplishing for the Lord's kingdom. I was terribly impressed. I'm sure I wasn't the only person inspired to go out and shine God's light wherever I am, no matter what.

Brother and Sister Calthorp were our final speakers for the day session. They taught on Apostolic Identity, which if I may admit, in deference to our AMAZING superpastor Rev. Darrell Johns, was his idea. [Not for youth congress, just in general] Sister Calthorp preached a lovely message on the treasure of God's Word, and that we should pass this precious treasure to every person we meet, that they may hold it and give it away themselves.

Brother Calthorp preached on actual doctrine for his portion of preaching. I loved every minute of it. I appreciated the respect he showed to ladies everywhere: we don't have to be seductive to be valued or precious. By virtue of being God's creation and being women in particular, we are deeply valued and treasured by God, and I don't have to dress like trash to be valued. That's not just holiness, that's peace of mind. It's beautiful.

Finally, FINALLY, it was over. I say that like I was dying to leave, which isn't really true, it's just that I'm beginning to see why NAYC only lasts three days! It's so intense and fast!

All the restaurants were spilling out with people [again]. We went a little out of the center of Nashville and found a nice, non-packed Burger King. It was heaven.

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  1. Really enjoying all the blog posts of NAYC, but thinking it is super cool that yours is from the 16 year old perspective. Most of the other bloggers are older and you can tell (maybe slightly cynical, definitely somewhat removed in tone) Anyway.....can't wait to hear more.