Thursday, August 6, 2009

NAYC: Thursday Night (kdc)

Wayne Huntley

Representative Hairbow

More ABI Shenanigans

Between sets of music at 8, here some quick thoughts:
  • Great service with a crushing altar call at the end.
  • No fashion news specific to tonight. I'm guessing everyone brought out their usual Sunday outfits with tomorrow night being the grand finale.
  • I hate to be a buzzkill (did I just date myself with that phrase?) but the quoted "18,000 in attendance" had to be exaggerated. While the Sommet Center was packed to the top, there were at least 30 empty box seats (10 seats per) and the top edges were empty on all sides. If the Center holds 20,000 people in this configuration, then we're at over 16,000, but not close to 18,000. 16,000+ is still incredibly impressive for a Thursday night.
  • There were more youth leaders in the hallways, checking out the booths, this evening, but the halls were still incredibly vacant. What a rousing testimony to the heart of our youth!
  • And while we're at it, let's not deceive ourselves. NAYC doesn't claim to solve every spiritual problem or be the only spiritual highlight necessary for a successful Christian life. It's there to inspire teens toward greatness, ground them in solid teaching, and prove to them there are thousands of supercharged Apostolic youth willing to sacrifice for the kingdom of God. So if there are fun superficial moments, that doesn't diminish the overall move of God. It's not the point of the event, but neither does it undermine it. It's just another memory.
A dramatized song during service

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