Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Quiz (ben)

Quizzing began this morning at 9am. My team captain had decided to randomly draw no. 4, so we had to wake up for the second quiz of the day. Unfortunately, he also didn't listen to me about not standing near his friends when drawing a number. The numbers are really not that mixed up, so the individuals you stand near are likely the teams that you will quiz. Thus we ended up quizzing our very good friends from Miramichi, New Brunswick.

Now a little about Miramichi: we've known the Carter family for years. In fact they've been around us nearly since birth. Since the junior extravaganza was held at Newark for several years, I believe that each of them received the holy ghost at a Friday evening children's rally. Two of my quizzers have been quizzing against the Carters for years. In fact, I believe we have drawn them as the first quiz in about half of the tournaments that we've attended with them. Needless to say, I was dismayed when I discovered that we'd drawn them. Figuring that my kids would be familiar with their friends, I told them to treat it like practice; unfortunately, they decided instead to freeze up and not answer any questions. Of course I understand this, having been nervous at NABQT for several years, however as a quizzer, I came to the conclusion that I have nothing to lose--if I can get my quizzers to understand this, then they'll actually have a fighting chance. This is applicable to life--many people live in their own little bubble and fear taking any chances. Through quizzing we have an opportunity to demo life, and make the mistakes and learn the principles when it doesn't really matter. That's the genius of bible quizzing.

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