Monday, August 3, 2009

On the predicted Fashion Norms and the inevitable Fashion Abnormalities of NAYC '09-JDR

As I have been deliberating within my thinking apparatus about the possible positions as a blogger for NAYC, I have placed myself within several different thematic characters as an observer of NAYC and considered what I might write about as that character. Let me explain, there may be a part of me who will pay special attention to the spiritual aspect of Congress and/or the sermons which are heard. While this kind of reporting is the most essential to what congress is about, I will leave this segment to those who are better reporters than I, for my gifts are not those of discernment. While you may hear a word or two on the services from me, I do not expect it to be my focus...I will leave that to my superiors on the matter...

Another kind of writer is that who just relays his own daily existence as the major point of focus with the setting of NAYC as the backdrop to his ongoing diary and encounters. While my friend Justin Herring has already used this method once on here in his previous blog blog about Urban Exploration, I do not have the wherewithal to introduce myself as a character in the grand scheme of the NAYC madness....While I may introduce myself as a character from time to time, I think personal matters and stories are far too minuscule to do justice to the occurrences and flow of NAYC.

So I have settled on the following character: The NAYC resident sociology blogger. That is, someone who reports on the habits and doings and occurrences of the NAYC crowd and audience at-large. Essentially one who reports on Apostolic Pentecostal culture. It is something that
I have quite an affection for. As any ApoPento can relate, Apostolic Pentecostal Culture is a very unique being completely distinct and recognizable from the secular culture at large.....It's entirely fascinating, somewhat hypnotizing, and yet somehow multi-dimensional. You can't put a finger on exactly what ApoPento culture is, but yet you recognize it the moment you see it. It's unmistakable, but yet almost undefinable. So that is my self-described task: To attempt to define the NAYC UPC culture and whatever that implies and means. I would go as far as to say that I to believe NAYC is the benchmark that defines the UPC culture at-large for the next two years until the next forthcoming congress....

I have said all of the above to say this: Fashion is one of the very unique things about UPC culture. One cannot speak of UPC young people nor of NAYC without implying fashion soon after. As my wonderful friend and associate Sarahk remarked earlier, she is already considering her fashion options.....and I can almost guarantee you that a majority of UPC youth
have been thinking about this quagmire of a dilemma for weeks, if not months ahead of time....some girl may find that special dress to wear the last night of congress back in May and does not let it make an appearance outside of her closet until this special date in Nashville. Another male may have eyed a particular tie that just matches precisely the gimmick he is going for on the first night of congress complete with sport coat from H & M and jeans from Express (I assure you this imaginative character in no way reflects me).

Anyways what are going to be the fashion trends of this congress? While I have no way of knowing for the females (because female UPC fashion can be summed up as a giant mo
saic of styles at best), I can make a somewhat educated yet speculative guess that the trends this this coming week will be more GQ than ever for the male....complete with bowties, vests, and somewhat tight blue jeans amuck. It will not suprise me one bit if some trends border-line on the clown-like such as the Vatican inspired picture above. One may think this guess a bit imaginative, but I foreone love dressing formally (and therefore somewhat clown-like), and we must remember that it was the most recent youth congress that a speaker literally dressed himself in a batman mask (pictured at right).

So what do you guys think? Any fashion predictions? Past memories of the good/bad of youth congress fashion?

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