Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home, Bittersweet Home (ben)

I really am too old for Youth Congress. I'm very much glad to be home--to return to the normal, and avoid the more chaotic. On the other hand, it is nice to get away, leaving worries and cares all behind for a period of time--the problem is that everything that had to be done prior to the trip still needs to be done, not to mention everything that's accumulated during the week. This is, I suppose, the normal conundrum of the busy individual, attempting to take vacation. In any case, I'm home, and already looking at a stack of mail with notes scribbled all over the envelopes (pet peeve of mine).

The drive took about 14 hours (note that the trip odometer resets at 999.9, so I actually drove 1653.8 miles this week); I'm quite exhausted, however the amount of caffeine I've ingested over that period of time dictates that my body may not sleep, so here I am blogging about it. Over 14 hours, I had a little bit of time to reflect on Congress, I've come to a few conclusions that I'd like to discuss, but am not quite lucid enough at the moment to do so--I'll be posting these thoughts in the upcoming days. In the mean time...I've got a few bugs to clean off of the car...which was pristine when I left...

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