Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summit Center-The Mobile Mecca-Evening One (JDR)

As I publish the few thoughts I have to offer for the night, I will be presenting two photographs for my early nominees of best-dressed at NAYC 2009 throughout....

Nominee #1-the couple whose outfit was made entirely out of duct tape....

6:42-As I descend on the Summit Center, I find myself identifying the countless ladies struggling in their march to the Center because of their high heels... so much struggling that I almost feel their I have a proposal for the females: Sign a Mutually Assured Destruction cease fire where all the women agree to not wear high heels for sake of not getting blisters and comfort, and at the same time they trust that other females will follow suit as to not make the non-high heel females look bad (I hope that made sense....)...essentially all the females agree to not make a competition out of their footwear for the sake of mass comfort. With this thought, the common female fashion trend was high heels and skirts.

7:15 I entered the VIP Room of the speakers and youth presidents in the arena and the situation was surprisingly anti-climactic. It had the feel of a typical Sunday afternoon after church fellowship picnic. (video below)

7:38-I take a back hallway staircase up to the third level of the arena in which I awkwardly walk into a break-up conversation. What is in the water at congresses and conventions alike that induce so many break-ups? I mean the obvious answer is that one sees all the fish in the sea at congress and that person wants to be available to the fish (if you catch my drift)...however I don't know why these people don't anticipate the situation and do the break-up ahead of congress to make it drama-free....

Nominee #2 for best-dressed: --------->

8:32 As I answer a text message mid-service from a friend I haven't seen in three months who is in the service, I look up to notice many people around me texting and I-phoning as well. These technological advances have fundamentally changed the dynamic of a service for many people. Verbal conversation is going way of the caveman in service because of these devices but at the same time focus to the service is being drastically minimized for these device users as well.

8:39-Tambourine makes appearance during sermon.

9:52-As I walk out the arena at the conclusion of the service, the weather is irritatingly humid & hot....which makes for a good show to see the masses of Apostolics become exponentially irritated in the swarm of confusion of people trying to find each other in what is being defined as the "social culdesac" outside the main entrance of the arena.

10:32-Watching the Apostolics mingle in the streets outside in the bar district amidst town drunkards is certainly a priceless scene. While the apostolics seem unphased at such occurances, it is the looks of the drunkards towards the formally dressed Apostolics that bring the amusement.

Nominee for best dressed #3 (on right):


  1. Love the observation about the drunkards!! I have seen that before and it is priceless! Apostolics (at least the ladies) are used to being stared at and have perfected the art of being "unaware" that they are being observed.

  2. The text messaging that goes on during services now is concerning to me. I don't just fault the young people with it either. I have seen adults do the same. I think for the short time we are in service, we should be able to leave our phones, etc alone till after service.

  3. That is awesome that the duct tape outfits my wife and I made got on here. We had our picture taken so many times and with so many people it was crazy. If anyone put it on their facebook we would love to be tagged.