Sunday, August 2, 2009

Urban Exploration (JWH)

I have managed to secure a small urban living space in downtown nashville. I have been to a number of NAYC-like events in recent years, and I have stayed in a number of facilities--ranging from small-roomed hotels within walking distance of the venue, to standard sub-urban, breakfast-included, three story hotels within a thirty-minute drive of the conference venue. I must say that I prefer the former, and fortunately I have, as I've said, secured a nice little one-room in downtown Nashville.
Due to unfortunate circumstances of practicality, I was unable to bring my espresso maker with me to NAYC. As such, and since it is about 6:30 am local time, I am about to set off on an expedition to find some type of coffee/breakfast eatery. I could go with the predictable five-bucks-a-drink place found in multiple locations in multiple cities, but I am feeling a bit more adventurous this morning. I will report back later with the results of my expedition.
On a slightly more serious note, I look forward to a great day of quizzing and devotion at NABQT. Brother Creel will be speaking today at afternoon devotion (basically a church service comprised of quizzers, coaches, and officials--always a great time). Furthermore, the team I coach will be quizzing at about 3:30 pm. I will report back with the results of this expedition as well.

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