Friday, August 7, 2009

NAYC: Friday (kdc)

We've got people covering Project 22:39, so the lack of posts this afternoon is because that's where many of us are.

  • Awoke with bloodshot eyes, and -- judging by those zombies staggering toward the arena -- I wasn't the only one.
  • Internal security tells us that there have been no serious incidents -- just kid stuff -- these last 2 nights. As they noticed, '99% of the kids can be good, but 1% of 16,000 is still 160 troublemakers.
  • Jump Start is the (feels like early) morning session displaying a variety of non-traditional talents among our Apostolic youth, as well as some great fun. There was a giveaway for the first few people who could race up to the stage and prove they had a hole in their sock, as well as a contest to see who came from the strangest named town. If we heard correctly, "Cut and Shoot" Texas won.
  • This morning's session also featured a bluegrass band and a trio of (forgive my lack of correct terminology) Spanish guitarists that were phenomenal.

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