Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday - Young Adults (ben)

Nate Binion preached a good message this morning. I didn't expect him to preach during a session (the audio was also poor) but the message of seeking after a calling during the missing years of young adulthood is absolutely necessary. Even if we don't "get" a calling immediately, as we seek after God and trust him as he asks us to paint a dot on the portrait of our lives, we'll later come to find out that God is creating an amazing picture with our lives.

One thing that I've thought has been missing from this Congress is defining alter calls. While we didn't have time for this, we were called to dedicate ourselves to a calling in God.

Compelling. We need more sessions like this.
-- iPhoned in


  1. This looks like your most recent post. You're doing great with the documentation of this 2009 NAYC. I really wanted to be there this year and couldn't make it. I just wanted to let you know I used a lot of your content on my website and it all links back to this blog ( )---. My name is AllenByde. I'm in Albion MI and my blog is: ---. If you have to contact me my email is --- One more thing. It's true God does want us to at least "paint a dot" on the portrait of our lives. To me that means putting forth at least a little effort to look at the big picture and the intricacies of my life in comparison to society, locally, globally; where do I fit in? This takes a bit of critical thought, prayer and meditation; communion with our Father in Heaven. I do what I can do and God does the rest. I have faith in that! :-) Jesus is Lord. Yea!

  2. I was in this class and couldn't keep up with anything that was being said because the audio was awful. From what has been said it sounds like the message was awesome though! :)