Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Youth congress is in session! (rao)

It's a rainy night in Nashville but Apostolics are pouring in as well! Here at the Renaissance the Apostolic population is increasing exponentially! Had my first reader come to say hi. I think it was the sling that gave it away. The reward for recognizing a youthcongresslive blogger? Most definitely a shout out!

Here's some guys from the Sanctuary in St Louis:

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  1. Ryan,
    Loved your picture. Imagine my surprise--I am the mom of two of the handsome gentlemen in the above picture, I am sitting in my hotel room, reading blogs about NAYC and notice these kids from "The Sanctuary". Only 2 are from the Sanctuary (MO), the other three are from IL (my kids). I loved the picture though--thanks for posting! Even an old person (44) is enjoying your posts.