Thursday, August 6, 2009

Booth Observations: Thursday Afternoon (kdc)

Casual day with almost no one interested in making a fashion statement that didn't include jean skirts and flip flops. Yes, there were cowboy boots on a few girls, while almost no one is wearing hats of any kind.

Lots of good news though:
  • The hallways were impressively empty (to the point that hardened booth observers were impressed) during services.
  • The arena was stuffed, with perhaps 12,000 (but easily 10,000) people in attendance. The floor and lower tier were stuff, the middle tier was covered (except behind the stage) with a smattering of kids in the nosebleeds.
  • No registration nightmares. Sadly, Charlotte featured its share of screamers, but that hasn't been the case in Nashville.
  • The next Youth Congress city will be revealed tomorrow night. I can't tell, but I can hint: to my knowledge, Youth Congress hasn't been there previously.
  • General Session Speakers speak in the middle of the "Beyond" bullseye. (Rachel Coltharp is pictured.) Very cool.
  • Several husband-wife teams being used prominently.
  • At lunch, our waitress told us that the restaurant closes at 11, but last night from 10-11, they had a $3,000 hour when they usually hit around $500 in that last hour. I told them to stay open later tonight & they'd have several $3,000 hours.
  • Old school veterans are impressed with the 99% modest attire and long, uncut hair on the girls.


  1. So is that picture showing her long, uncut hair or her too short skirt?

  2. Bingo! My sons (ages 10 and 12) were looking at the fashion statement pictures earlier, and they commented that ALL the skirts/dresses were too short! Up here in Vermont, we are very conservative, and my boys noticed the "leg" immediately.

  3. Can we talk about something other than appearance..PLZ.

  4. All that positive, uplifting information and all you can do is comment on seeing the back of a girl's knees? How sad.

  5. Being a female that doesn't attend a United Pentecostal Church anymore but was raised Apostolic Pentecostal...I was shocked at the short skirts and form fitting clothes. I was wearing a long skirt and jacket and actually felt out of place!

  6. Are we really having a conversation about seeing the back of a girls knee? Right or wrong is it honestly important enough to post about? Maybe if so many people stopped focusing on girls knee caps and started remembering why we serve God in the first place, the issue would disappear. Very sad when there's so many more important things that we need to be focusing on the last days.