Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About Town (ben)

I didn't have a chance to compose this on Saturday when we arrived here in Nashville. I did not realize that Nashville is in the Central time zone. Both my car's clock and my phone automatically adapted via GPS to the new timezone, I suppose I should have realized that we made really good time on the drive in, but I wasn't paying that much attention--I was more worried about not losing the Bishop as he followed, and also avoiding speedtraps. When we arrived, we thus had several hours of free time prior to NABQT orientation. Seeing the State Capitol in the distance, I decided that that would be an interesting building to investigate. On the way, we stopped in at Victory Park and noticed the war monuments dating back to commemorations of the Civil War. On further investigation we discovered that the War Museum is located on the premises, and is open free of charge. Despite it being a museum, my kids were actually interested in the uniforms, armor and weapons of the various states and eras. It's an interesting attraction, if you have the time. Upon exiting the museum, it began to rain, so enterprising man that I am, I directed the group to enter the library (the library is connected to a parking garage which is connected to the Renaissance). Since we still had several hours to kill, we browsed around the public library. It's impressive in both its collection and its architecture. The Public Library has some special collections, along with a Civil Rights room. If you have a chance, take a look around.

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