Friday, August 7, 2009

Eight (8) rao

I'm here at 8 in Rocketown! It's going pretty great. Love it way better than last year. I'm having fun hanging out with some amazing Arkansas people (hannah, Erica, and ben and grant who isn't pictured) (seen below):

Listening to some Ryan Johns

And Jonathan Dean

So I saw this very cute girl selling t-shirts in the lobby of the Sommet center and was really wishing I had gone to talk, then voilĂ : she was her. I decided to use my amazing pick up techniques and my broken collar bone (no girl can resist it :-p) as a way to introduce myself and get to know her. It went good for like 8 seconds. Then another guy comes up she didnt know who was ushering at NAYC (and subsequently kicked her our of her seat) and I was completely a third wheel. Ever confident, I figured: I can still pull this out. I tried to throw in humorous remarks into their conversation and every so often groan and reach for my collar bone. It wasn't working. She was set in her mind. But then...she turned to me and very seductively said,"can you take our picture?" I was defeated. I took my cue and left. Plenty of other great people to hang out with. Great time!

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