Saturday, August 8, 2009

NABQT Banquet Entertainment (ben)

My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I've been quite busy with Congress, so I've been delayed...

After NABQT in 2006, we were waiting to leave for the airport while GYD was setting up for the Commune-ity meeting. I mentioned to Russ Faubert in passing that the entertainment at the previous evening's banquet had been horrible (some comedian). I suggested, instead, that we return to banquet entertainment provided by the Fauberts (circa 2002). I didn't realize that Todd Gaddy was within earshot, but noticed at the end, and shot him an email afterward explaining that I was not trying to be critical, just attempting to let them know that the kids enjoyed it not at all. So I take credit for the hilarious entertainment being run by the Fauberts. Since they've taken over, the entertainment has become the major draw of the banquet.

THE SON OF Voice Infrequency Modulation

The FOUL Judge; I don't know that the real foul judge actually pays attention, as he is usually sending SNIDE TEXT MESSAGES to select individuals.

Demonstrating his Voice Impairment Society of America card...

Even the big-wigs were amused...

Voice Infrequency Modulation rears its ugly head...


  1. This is in reference to your statement regarding the “hilarious entertainment being run by the Fauberts. Since they've taken over, the entertainment has become the major draw of the banquet.”

    We attended the banquet which we thought would be the highlight of the 2009 National Bible Quiz Tournament. The tournament was impressive and we looked forward to an awesome night of awards and achievements on behalf of the Bible Quizzers.

    However, we were horrified, embarrassed and disappointed with the “entertainment.” We actually asked if we had heard things correctly and still cannot believe that this took place. To follow such an outstanding display of the hard work the quizzers had done and the touching speeches of the last year quizzers, it put a damper on the whole setup.

    The accent of the “farthing” repeated so as to make it a “bathroom” word was bad enough but then in the finale’ when Bro. Faubert loudly in his “Voice Infrequency Modulation” repeated “Let’s kick some b--- in Jesus Name” was unbelievable. These were certainly out of order and not a reflection of what Bible quizzing is all about.

    It saddened our hearts that the Bible quizzers and families were subjected to such cheap entertainment. We know that our relatives in other denominations would be appalled at such a display and would consider it “trashy” rather than hilarious.

    Disappointed in Nashville

  2. Its unfortunate that some thought the entertainment put a damper on NABQT. Quizzers and coaches alike enjoy the entertainment, obviously not the one above. Each has their own opinion and each has a right to be horrified, but seriously???? I guess they weren't there a few years back when the GYD hired someone who continually made jokes about larger individuals and televison. Had they been there, they might have well lost the Holy Ghost.

    I think we should not focus on such trivial things such as "kick their butt, or fartings (oops I jsut said it), and rather focus on the wonderful moves of God's Spirit through out the week.

    You're not going to please everyone in life.