Thursday, August 6, 2009

NABQT Intermediate Awards (ben)

The bible quizzing banquet has been a staple of my life for the past 14 years. I remember many years of rubber chicken dinners, overdressed quizzers and fun table conversations. Unfortunately, this has been a working event for me over the past eight years, as I've become a more or less official photographer for the awards. But it's still fun.

Team Awards:

1) Colombus, Ohio

2) Fredericton, New Brunswick
3) Hillsboro, Texas
4) Oregon City, Oregon
5) Modesto, California
6) Oakdale, Louisiana
7) Denham Springs, Louisiana
8) Loomis, California
9) Cincinnati, Ohio
10) Grand Ledge, Michigan
11) Indianapolis, Indiana
12) Hodge, Louisiana

Individual Awards:

1) Andrew Huffman (Oregon 1) 115.83
2) Tanner Carroll (Ohio 1) 107.92
3) Amanda Gregory (Missouri 1) 137.00
4) Bailey Denny (Western 2) 119.29
5) Kellen Constant (Louisiana 4) 115.00
6) Brendan Abdalla (Texas 3) 111.66
7) Sara Pixley (Texas 4) 89.00

Quizzer of the Year: Brooke Rost (Hillsboro, Texas)
First Runner up: Karina Phillips (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Second Runner up: Bailey Denny (Loomis, California)
Third Runner up: Sarah Winner (Denham Springs, Louisiana)
Fourth Runner up: Kellen Constant (Alexandria, Louisiana)

Coach of the Year: Elizabeth Strawn (Hillsboro, Texas)
First Runner up: Andrew & Anthony Gleason (Oregon City, Oregon)
Second Runner up: Brian & Lillian Cole (Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Third Runner up: Angie Denny (Loomis, California)
Fourth Runner up: Tim Jacobs (Euless, Texas)

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