Saturday, August 1, 2009

the ride...(ben)

I'm with Sarah--when you hit your late 20s, things like Youth Congress seem decreasingly important. The run-up to NABQT/YC was busier than ever. My J-term class at Urshan Graduate School which I took over the first week of June was intense, followed by the exam. Not only was I catching up at work, but church seemed to be ramping up at the same time. The kids are also a handful, and everything seems to be increasingly busy. Indeed, the weeks approaching NABQT were so busy that I've ended up flying by the seat of my jeans. It was only 3 days prior that I discovered I needed to take Friday off from work, and found out at the same time that I would be driving my car. Over the next three days, I also had to teach at the daughter church in Atlantic City (80 miles away), teach the teen class on Wednesday, attend meetings, finish up a few projects (didn't happen), find time to get my car serviced, have dinner with the parents, teach a personal bible study, and then maybe I could start to think about packing... Around 2am Friday morning (slated to leave at 9:30am), I ended up with a pile of clean laundry; much too tired to think about matching said clothing, I stuffed it all into bags and figured I'd sort it out in Nashville. Luckily I have some decent taste in clothing (feel free to disagree, unless your name begins with Pa and ends with tresa). In any case, after a 14 hour drive (including an overnight in Bristol, VA), I've arrived! Thankfully I have a small number of quizzers this year for which I am responsible (3 as opposed to 8(?) last year). A larger number of quizzers always means less personal attention, and I'm all about the personal attention, since that's what affected me the most in my quizzing career (individual time with my coach, now pastor). It also means I have more free-time and flexibility, which allows me to do such things as attend the '8' event on Thursday...In the mean time, we're the second quiz of the morning (see the matrix on, so I should probably make an attempt at sleep.


  1. Bristol, VA? I hope you enjoyed your overnight here. At what hotel did you stay? I'm guessing something at Exit 7.

  2. We stayed at a Holiday Inn near a Courtyard and several restaurants...I don't recall the exit.