Friday, August 7, 2009

Notes of obscurity: Thursday Night

6:42-As me and a peer walk up to stadium, we are greeted by the site of the picture to the left. The image amounts to around 15 individuals who are made to appear to be homeless or at the very least poor (my speculation is that these were genuinely homeless people). Some people were taking it as a literal protest of the UPCers but as one surveyed, it seemed to become clear that this is the work of Project 22:39 or some similar program to stress the need that we need to pay attention to the poor as human beings and assist them accordingly (some of the signs: "Do you think I have a soul?" "Do I have the wrong color?" and "Will you walk past me?") was definitely a gut check to myself.

8:27-One of the biggest snafus in my mind of congress set up was the mistaken scaffolding placement of the you can probably make out in the picture below (h
opefully), the scaffoldings directly surrounded the big screens that displayed all the videos that played throughout the services. Imagine trying to watch a movie with a thick textbook book levitating horizontally three inches in front of the televis
ion screen. Literally the only people who could make out what was on the big screens were those nearest the stage who were positioned between the scaffoldings and the screens. And at this point these people were so close to the stage, that there was no need to look at the screen.

8:47-Notes on the sermon by Bro.Wayne Huntley-Essentially in short,
Bro. Huntley's message can be summed up as "It's alright to be different." In this impacting message he constantly suggested the necessity of stepping out and being different to make a change. While differences from the world were included, differences from t
he "professional pentecostalism" of the monotony of religion were primarily focused on. Bro. Huntley, in spite of his maturation in age, preached like a 25 year old. Essentially in relation to tonight's message, the necessity of "Apostolic Activism" is the call of our generation for this time...And the audience in majority accepted this challenge.

11:23 -Witness a 13 year old young man steal a 15 year old female's claim to "never been kissed." Literally the male asked for a kiss on the cheek an
d then deceptively turned his head to make the kiss face-to-face...It was an awkward but memorable moment for all.

12:27-Weird fashion trend gaining steem: Odd-shaped, thick-framed glasses.

1:32 AM-Girl relays that the new way to pick up potential spouses is to find out a person's name and then continue pursuit by locating that person as a friend on facebook. Literally all such romantic pursuits are moving toward the virtual and away from the face-to-face personal relating that can be so telling. As one who is openly nervous and bashful around potential future wives, I am more than happy to welcome this trend into our

And for those of you who miss the obnoxious crowds that gather at the completion of a service, here is a taste:
Below is an interview I did with Bro. Kenneth Haney, our General Supt. I was kinda nervous. My apologies.

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