Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 1: Done-Sarahk

Well I tried desperately to blog from the car, but it wouldn't post, so.... here I am, the end of day 1. Watching the "shocking" news that Paula Abdul has left American Idol and thinking about the first evening of Congress being over. I reiterate, the temperatures and humidity are dreadful. I suddenly remember why I so love being a Yankee! Again, several of my friend's youth groups found the problem of there being no open restaurants. I realize that won't be an issue come Friday night, but it was tonight and it will be tomorrow.

Secondly, I agree with the previous post about crazy heels, mostly because my feet are yelling at me.

Now-I can't believe that prom dresses are making a reappearance. I thought that went out with the 90s. But apparently they're back! Outside of that there were the occassional crazy outfit, but overall, the surprise in close is that dressy is back in. For all the casual rallies and those of us in leadership begging for casualness, the look as a whole is back to being almost too dressy. The men also. I LOVE it!!

The girls from the great white north liked the music, but felt like the songs were a little unknown. If we could all just get on the same page, that would be so much easier!!

Joel and Kent did some great interviews, and I had a wonderful visit with Nate Binion at the hyphen booth.

One thing I really enjoyed was the style of the booths. The college booths specifically. They were very casual and comfortable. I almost pulled up a comfy chair and joined. Ok, that's all I have for the moment. I'll join it with pics tomorrow!!!

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