Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Booths (ben)

I couldn't help myself--once we'd secured seats, I left my kids to hold them while I wandered around browsing the booths. My first stop was the UGST booth. Knowing Rhonda Morley for decades, I had to stop by and say hello. I also saw Kent and Jennie Russell, who are valiently manning the booth. Stop by and check out the degree programs offered. And don't forget to pick up some hand sanitizer (just don't mistake it for breath-freshner.

I also stopped by the Project 22:39 booth. As I was surveying the city this week I was hoping that 22:39 would address homelessness and pan-handling (see JWH's post below). I'll address this later, as well, but it's good to see that we're not ignoring such an obvious issue in this city as we did in 2003.

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