Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2-The Calm before the Storm (JDR)

As everything leads up to the Friday Night service the mood on Thursday Morning/Afternoon is generally somber...with that in mind....

9:08-As my alarm goes off, I join the ranks of what is doubtlessly a platoon of young people who become embittered at having to be at church at 9:30 AM in considerations that a vast majority of us probably did not go to bed earlier than 2 AM the night previous. O Fortuna!

I swear there is a conspiracy theory to be found here where some administrators at large want to wake the zombie children at 9 AM to keep them in a maintainable consciousness throughout the day....if these children were allowed to roam the streets of Nashville in full force by waking up at 11 AM instead of 9, we may end up with a riot on our hands....

9:32-As I get off the hotel elevator and into the HQ hotel's lobby, I am immediately dismayed at the realization that I will not be getting coffee to properly activate my brain neurons that would then send the required amount of adrenaline to the rest of my body to awake myself out of my near-coma like tired state. The reasion being is that the Starbucks in the lobby is more crowded than the unemployment line in Detroit....

Because of this I then walk to a Panara Bread nearyby expecting to find a similiar fate awaiting me as that in Starbucks. But to my surprise, the restaurant of choice is nearly vacant whereupon I walk to the counter without waiting in line whatsoever to make my coffe purchase.

There is something to be said about this above story....Every restaurant that seems like it would be crowded with Apostolics last night because it was such a mainstream restaurant was indeed crowded with Apostolics at which point the wait for food must have been somewhere in the hour marker (as predicted)....and every hole in the wall/smaller restaurant that one would expect to be void of Apostolics was indeed void of Apostolics to which point there would be no line or waiting for food....

I enjoyed one of the finest monte christo sandwiches of my life last night at a small cafe literally right across from the arena called Wild Bill's Cafe....there were a total of six apostolics in this place....(nearly everyone who went to other restaurants in downtown would have had to walk by this place)....I'm not complaining

10:30-So the session I chose to attend was a youth workers sesion with Akil Thompson who is a youth pastor from Virginia I was a very pleasant surpise of a message to hear. One of the first things I appreciated was that he was openly referencing Andy Stanley as a source and reference for a message. This is a good thing, as opposed to other messages where I have heard preachers take material directly from other evangelists/authors and act like the message was their own. Akil is also the ultimate motivational speaker. His words are focused and impactful. The positive but bold tone he speaks with causes the listener to want to be on his side and believe in his message with just as much conviction as Akil himself has.

Some of his quotes:

"If your memories exceed your vision, the end is near."

"Don't aim for success...Aim for significance."

"Do for one what you can't do for all."

Lastly Akil had an emphasis on focusing our ministry and centering our energy to the one to three things we do well and have a heartbeat for, and not spread ourselves thin by touching the surface of many different ministries/projects. This is not the first time I have heard such an idea this year and it seems to be as a result of our recognition that we are more human than God when it comes to ministry. Instead of pretending to be God and do everything, why not recognize our humanity and do what we can within our limitations?

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