Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Best Youth Congress Ever (rao)

As the night begins to leave us, I can't help but to think over the last week about NABQT and NAYC. In this blogger's opinion, the last few days have consisted of the best youth congress ever. Well, aside from the one in 1981 where my parents met (a tradition which I don't think I'll be carrying on). I have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, but more importantly, God's presence and word.
As a very conservative minister, there are times which I worry about events such as this. Recently, I went to a very conservative youth conference and had a wonderful time of fellowship with other Bible believing young people. However, whilst I enjoyed being with youth who almost all dressed modestly, I still enjoyed congress better. Why? Because the same things were preached (kudos to the Coltharps and Bro Huntley for awesome messaged reaffirming to youth what we stand for), but here there was an anointing and a love that accompanied the preaching (eph 4:15).

I am so glad to be a part of NAYC this year! Every service was worth going to and getting the DVD to take home. It's too late for me to be up, so I'm out!

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