Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning Session-Sarahk

Say a prayer for the Starbucks people at the Renaissance hotel. They were a little frazzled this morning when they were slammed with a crowd the entire morning! The students seemed to be behaving, and the adults as well ;), so I think they were alright, but... you know...

I stopped off there on my way to the morning classes, which, I'm happy to report, seemed really well attended. Tom Ellis was over with the high school age in the big auditorium, and the place seemed very full. I couldn't do more than peek, before I headed over to the young adult class, which was, PACKED. Literally-the set up wasn't the best, the entrance door landing you fairly close to the stage, which certainly prevented me from making my way in and around. However, it seems to be really saying something, that the UPCI now has such a large young adult constituency that it's time they take notice. (Which they have, in the form of the new young adult ministry "hyphen". I'm really excited to announce that hyphen debuts tonight and will be introduced during service. Immediately following service is the young adult event "8" which will be over at "Rockettown." I'll be blogging live from there to let you know how amazing this event turns out to be.) Pastor Mooney was this session's speaker and the reviews are mixed. I have heard from some that the message he presented was the very best of the conference, and others who felt he was speaking in frustration against any who don't fall into the very conservative camp.

One thing I did notice as I rounded the corner for the arena after my starbucks stop this morning was the long line to get over to the classes for the conference center. seems the set up is somewhat difficult and so the wait outside was quit long. FYI-you can get in from the opposite of the building, or through the Renaissance hotel without a second of pause.

From there it was on to the General session with some interesting drama, and great "souled out" music, before Brent & Rachel Coltharp spoke to the crowd of students and leaders.

And then onto lunch... Nashville is a great city during the day. There's enough eating places and everything really is within walking distance. What's difficult is that by nightfall all these same places will be closed down and youth pastors will be circling the block looking for eating places.

We convene again tonight at 6:30. We'll keep you posted.

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