Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And we enter the Nashville.....(JDR)

(I apologize for no pictures, I have to figure this stuff out)

(Running dialogue)....

4:35-Ride into downtown only to see the first formally dressed UPCers already walking to the 7:30 service....These are the hardcore fans....Hats off to them!

5:22-Ride down in elevator with elevator full of Apostolic females...My nasal system is still in recovery as I type this after being drowned in a cataclysm of variously priced and warring perfumes....

5:26-Identify Tim Rutledge, Wayne Francis, Chris Endsley, Jeffrey Goodman in lobby. As strange as it there is kind of a celebrity-like feel to the presence...complete with finger pointing and corresponding whispers all around.....The females I am with (Kelsey, Rachael, Kacie) were coincedentley talking about them as I typed this entry to add to their celebrity status. If anyone is wondering, the style of choice for Chris Endsley and Wayne Francis was dark sport coat with white pants to match (and if my memory serves me right....a bright tie).

5:30-Beginning to already get sick of the "Oh My Word, what are you doing here?" reactions from Apostolics as if it is a complete coincedence all of us UPCers chose to embark onto the city of Nashville on the same weekend..

5:35-Ride in elevator full of men on way up to room, complete with warring cologne smells....Instantly become reminiscent of what I imagine a closet full of Frank Sinatras and Dean Martin would smell like.......


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