Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the road to NABQT and Congress (rao)

Well...everything is packed nicely in my
bags. Thanks to my sister Shannon though! It's hard to pack while your body is dozing off to the sounds of oxycodone. Why was I on medication, you ask? Great question! Let me give you the cliff note version:

1. Friday afternoon Ryan was excited about Nashville.
2. Ryan
went to the youth cookout at the church.
3. There were four wheelers.
4. 30 mph
5. A hill.
6. 25 feet of airtime.
7. Unconcious.
8. Concious and quoting scriptures. Why was quoting scriptures? No clue. Haha...former Bible quizzer.
9. Ambulence.

10. 4 hours in the ER.
11. Broken collarbone.
12. Packing with his sister.
13. Now driving to Nashville.

The moral of the story is: nothing should keep you from Quizzing nationals or Youth Congress.

See ya there!
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